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My name is Robert Lindsay Geyer. My friends call me Arlin, which is an acronym of “R. Lin”. I have done many things in this life, including competitive windsurfing, teaching in a boarding school, and managing computers for a corporation, but I’ve always been a photographer.

My love of photography began as a fascination with seeing. When I put on my first pair of glasses the world suddenly, and for the first time, came into focus. This was a new world, of visual wonder, and I wanted to capture that wonder.

After high school I studied photography full-time for several years and then began teaching it. While teaching photography I attended college, where I took courses relating to art, but in different disciplines. These included the anthropology of art, sociology of art, history of art, psychology of perception, and the philosophy of art (aesthetics). My major was philosophy, and my thesis was titled “In search of the aesthetic: a study of relevant detail in art”.

After college I taught high school English, music and computers for several years then settled into a corporate life as Manager of Information Systems in a small company. My life changed when I had to teach the graphic designer to use Adobe Photoshop. I had to learn it myself first, of course, and I fell in love. The control this software gave me over an image was intoxicating. It was miraculous. And it rekindled my interest in photography.

Now I am back in photography, working exclusively with digital media. I earned my MFA degree in fine art digital photograph and I teach photography and digital imaging software at Warren Wilson College in western North Carolina and online for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I have a photography business called Aesthetic Endeavors in which I do portrait and event photography.